Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Four years ago, to the day....

 It's time I give credit where credit is due. 

 Four years ago this very day I experienced the day that all girls dream of. Wes took me to a romantic dinner at Logan's. (Being sarcastic about the romantic part). :) Sweet tea, country music, peanuts and all...perfect! It truly was. His nervousness was precious. 

 So anyway, long story short, I said "yes" on this night four years ago. And so begins our journey. It's been a ride! But one that I wouldn't dare take with anyone but Wes.  Hard to believe our life together began with a little stalking...on his part. (He'll tell you different) :)

 I have learned over the years that contrary to Jerry Maguire, Wes does not "complete me." He "compliments" me. I am who God created me to be, and Wes compliments every part of me. He is the laughter that makes my heart smile. Even right now, I'm trying to write pleasant things in his honor and he's stressing me out... :) (As he cackles). 

 He is a man of commitment, integrity, and discipline. He is my partner in accountability and in crime. He is my safe place. I hide my deepest emotions and feelings inside his heart. 

 Over the last several months, God has done a work in Wes's life. It is amazing to see a glimpse of the Man of God continuously being created in him. He has become the drive in me to be a better person, friend, and especially a better wife to him. 

 Marriage can be hard, but you must realize the foundation is Christ. And that's how it was created to be. How much easier are your trials together when you acknowledge it! 

 So kudos to my Man of incredible faith, enduring patience, and fear of God. I am honored to have him as the spiritual leader of our family. 

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Evidence is Everywhere...

 We began this week with some serious high hopes. Emotions were high in the midst of certain possibilities for Wes and I, but luckily we serve a God that truly carries our lives in the strength of his very own hands. 

 The constant disappointment can begin to wear on your soul, your mind, and sometimes your very being. It continues to create questions that sometimes seem to always go unanswered. But again I say, what a faithful God we serve. 

 God, on a daily basis, is molding and forming my heart into exactly what He desires for it to be. And from what we know at this very time, He's just not done! The anxiety of starting our family sometimes has me screaming, " Hurry up already!" But how much more perfect will it be when it is in His timing and not ours. In the last few months, God has created a new passion in Wes and I. Not only for each other, but for the very thing our marriage was founded and created on...HIM. A new desire for Him is just what he has in store for us at this time. He is preparing us for something incredible...oh you just wait!

 I get caught up monthly, praying the same selfish prayer. But this past week, God made sure I was aware of Him. The evidence of His peace was everywhere. Sometimes bolder than others. Atleast once, if not twice a day, our Christian radio station played my testimonial song "Our Hope Endures" by Natalie Grant. He knew just when I needed it. I witnessed an amazing sunset on Monday. The opportunity to join an upcoming bible study, as a couple. Encouragement from friends and family....He truly is Everywhere. 

 And He loves me just enough to make sure I feel Him. Even in the small things. 

 This year holds great potential for Wes and I. Thankfully "His mercies are new every morning." We have a long way to go, but we rest in knowing that God is preparing us for something great. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christmas in February

Again I say, don't judge...

The "non-redneck" portion of my conscious won tonite and we decided to finally store away our Christmas decorations. Now grant me some credit, our outdoor decs have been in the rubbermaid since December. But our trees and random Santas and stockings were still standing gloriously indoors. And I must confess...we even plugged in the lights a time or two this week. :) 

To be honest, I thought if I left it up, Wes would sneak a few extra presents under it....yea, didn't happen. 

I'm actually early this year taking it down. I believe it was Spring Break (late April) before it came down last year. Hypocrisy, I know.

I would love to be one of those women who stay on top of it and get it down the day after Christmas, but I shall not follow in the footsteps of my Mom, Auntie, and Grandmother. I am the black sheep. 

Due to basketball season, we have small amounts of time for anything else. So free time is not spent on vacuuming up broken ornaments and trying to get that tree back in the box that I swear it came in.