Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Honor of a Man...

  My heart has been leading me this month to pour out it's contents. This is where my mind is at the moment...

 This month last year was a month of much emotion. So much was happening for our family, but my focus is particular.

 Mike Rogers, a devoted husband, proud "daddy," brother, son, friend....

 Though a year later, I am prepared for the emotional struggle that will burden my sister Monica and her family. As I proclaimed earlier, "Time doesn't necessarily heal wounds, but God surely does." A year after, not his death, but his healing, I can truly believe their wounds are still fresh. As if it was yesterday they will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on that day. I hope that the spirit of God calms their frustrations and His peace answers all their questions. 

 In the short years I knew Mike, he was a man truly devoted to the women of his life. I truly believe it is the only reason he fought his battle for so long. His strength is to be envied. I feel proud to know that Mike left his "girls" in the hands of so many of us. A responsibility I make priority. In Honor of Mike, forever remembered and always loved.

 To Monica, my sister. You always say you wish you had my strength...are you kidding me?? I see the strength of God Himself when you just speak of your daddy. Your smile on your wedding day is proof God's peace is real. You have overcome a trial that so many fear. I pray God continues to grant you the strength that you don't even realize you have. I hope this month, He helps you to remember and focus on all the amazing things you shared. The good times and memories that you will one day share with your kids. Rest easy and know that God is still God, and you are still His child. Your daddy IS so proud. I love you.

 Julie Bug, same goes for you sweet sister. Keep that head up. Your strength is incredible, and don't you ever doubt that. You know how much your daddy loved you, always rest in that. And how much more does your Heavenly Father love you?! So lay your frustrations at His feet. I love you.

 All my Love to my other family, the Rogers. I pray that God continues to heal your hurt. I love you.